How to Raise Independent Children

Most of the parents seem quite happy about their children being dependent on them. This is the natural phenomenon because children are the immature beings who turn to the parents for the resources and the affection they need. But parents should also keep in mind that the major goal of parenting is to make the children independent. Independent children grow up to be independent thinkers who know about what action to take at a specific time.

The process of making children independent mainly involves making them responsible for small things. For instance, you can encourage them to pick their own clothes. You can also ask them to tie their shoelaces. When they pass their schools, you can encourage them to provide you with the opinion regarding what college they would like to go in. Now, they can make wrong decisions but these decisions would provide them the very lessons they need to learn.

The process of making children independent may be time taking but you will love the results. One thing to remember here is that you will need to work in right areas to make all of it happen. The ways you can make your kids independent are as follows.

Efforts have to be encouraged

The common mistake most of the parents have been found making is that they ask children for the results. Even the little fellows who are yet to learn about making efforts to accomplish something are asked to get things done. The most disastrous side effect of this approach is that children fall into anxiety and fear of failure. As a result, they prefer quitting rather than trying to succeed because they would know that they are going to be asked about the results in tougher ways. This is the reason that parents should only consider encouraging efforts rather than asking for the results.

Contribution as family members

You can assign age-appropriate tasks like picking up the clothes and toys to children to teach them about contributing in the place they live in. But again, the tasks have to age-appropriate only. This way, the children will gain some confidence that they can do what they are doing.

Encourage problem solving

Children are the most frustrated beings when they find themselves unable to solve any problem. Now, the parents would always try to jump in to help the children in solving problems or solving the problem for them. This is not the right way handling these matters. If you will solve problem for them, they will always look at someone else for help. Instead, you can encourage them by giving them a little challenge. They will love solving the problems this way.

Give them routine

Children are quite insecure when they are exposed to unexpected things to do. So, the best way is to arrange everything in order to formulate routines for children. Give them these routines to follow. This way, they will learn to anticipate things.


Controlling Situation When Child Starts Throwing Tantrum

It’s one of the most common scenes in grocery stores that children start yelling at their parents to get something they see on the shelves. While this tantrum starts getting noisy, most of us tend to make the situation less uncomfortable for the parents with the help of good vibes. However, some people remain unhelpful and make the situation worse by suggesting the parents to control their kids. The fact here is that the situation makes it more embarrassing for the parents.

If you are among those parents who really need to know about calming the situation, below mentioned points are definitely going to help you in this regard.

  • If your child is throwing a tantrum at the moment, it doesn’t mean that he/she is always going to do it. You need to know the limits of your child. The tantrums are usually resulted due to tiredness or some other psychological issues which are normal among the toddlers. Most of the times, children start acting loudly when they are hungry. Hence, you can avoid such scenarios by changing your shopping schedule. For instance, you can take your child to the shopping center after feeding him/her properly. You can also take a meal break during shopping. Moreover, you will have to make sure that you are not spending too much time while shopping with your child. Tiredness can be more upsetting for your child.
  • One of the most appropriate things that you need to do while a tantrum is happening is to anticipate the situation. Your body language should express that it’s a difficult situation you are caught into. With these points in mind, you will be able to resist yourself from reacting too quickly. Remember, you can lose your temper if you react in a hasty manner. You main objective should be to avoid getting your child anything for which he/she is yelling. If you do this for once, your child will know that he/she can get anything from you by bullying an public places. The best way is to stay calm, even if it is the most difficult thing for you at the moment. The best practice to calm down the situation is to ignore everyone around you and start paying attention to your child. You may be able to figure out that it’s the distraction that your child needs at the moment. For this purpose, you can take your child to the nearby fun house and let him/her enjoy riding the ride on cars. You can also quickly conclude the shopping and head towards the checkout if you think that distraction is not going to solve the problem.

Remember, tantrums can happen anywhere in the public. However, it would really make your problem solving skills questionable in front of everyone if it’s taking too long for you to calm down the situation.